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I woke up at 5:15 on a Monday morning during summer break to watch this Barbara Stanwyck movie. “Cry Wolf” (1947) was my 51st Barbara Stanwyck movie and it was worth every second of sleep that I didn’t get because of it – I loved it. It was as suspenseful as anything, and the story line was absolutely brilliant – it kept me guessing right up to the very end. IMDb has “Cry Wolf” listed as a drama, mystery, thriller. It was very film noir-ish too if you ask me, you can really feel the heavy, accusing, suspicious atmosphere in the house during the film. And Barbara Stanwyck is such a wonderful actress! <3 Love, love, love her. She could act in anything and I thought she was very convincing in this.

“Cry Wolf” was also my first Errol Flynn movie – apparently (from what I’ve read) the character in this movie wasn’t the type that Errol Flynn normally played, which means that I’ll have to go and find some more Errol Flynn movies. ;) He was good in this (very handsome, if you ask me), but since I haven’t seen any of his other movies I can’t really say whether or not I like him as an actor. The director of this movie, Peter Godfrey, also directed one of my favorite Stanwyck comedies (Christmas in Connecticut, 1945) and another Barbara Stanwyck movie that I liked called “The Two Mrs. Carrolls” (1947).

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  1. sezwhom says:

    This was your 51st BS movie but first Errol Flynn? Yes, you need to discover some earlier Flynn films. I’ begin with the obvious: Adventures of Robin Hood.

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  2. Bailey says:

    Natalie (and anyone else reading this):
    I found Cry Wolf online!
    You have to download it, and I’m not sure about the quality but at least it’s there!

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  3. Cheryl says:

    Good luck finding it, Bailey. I couldn’t. Could you please post a link here if you do find it? Thanks!

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  4. Bailey says:

    Haha, I love your beginning for this! Was it on TCM or something?
    Dude, (if you don’t mind me calling you that; I do to everyone else. :D ) this reminds me of Nancy Drew kind of! I HAVE to see this! I love how you totally just left me hanging with your review there; great li’l trick. ;D Now I’m gonna have to scour the internet for this!

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    • Natalie says:

      Yes, it was on TCM; and of course I don’t mind if you call me Dude. Good luck finding it – if I ever see it on Youtube I’ll say something on here. :)

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  5. Cheryl says:

    Well, now you’ll really have to upload this movie for everyone to see.

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