The Palm Beach Story (1942) – Reviewed (In the Mood)

Review by: Natalie

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I just watched “The Palm Beach Story” (1942) for the second time. I enjoy watching this movie…yes, I enjoy it quite immensely. I didn’t know whether or not I would think it was as funny the second time as it was the first time, but it definitely was. There’s one scene on a train with the Ail and Quail Club that is just too funny – it’s something you have to see to believe. There’s also the scene with the half-deaf wienie king, oh my goodness! :D As far as actors go: I like Claudette Colbert well enough, she isn’t one of my favorites, but I don’t mind watching her movies. She’s really good in this. As a matter of fact, she’s really pretty in this. And that laugh of hers is contagious!

Miss Colbert’s leading man was Joel McCrea in this one – I used to like Joel McCrea a lot more than I do at the moment. He’s fine in this movie though. I’ve seen quite a few Joel McCrea comedies and in all of the ones I’ve seen (including this one) Joel McCrea is so serious and not funny that it’s hilarious! Also deserving recognition is Mary Astor who just wouldn’t stop talking. She was hilarious! I wish I could talk that fast!

This movie has some terribly funny opening credits, another one of those things you have to see to believe…

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Side Note: The Palm Beach Story on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPv__m9dgbQ

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