Comrade X 1940

Clark Gable … McKinley B. ‘Mac’ Thompson
Hedy Lamarr … Golubka / Theodore Yahupitz / Lizvanetchka ‘Lizzie’

Oskar Homolka … Commissar Vasiliev (as Oscar Homolka)
Felix Bressart … Igor Yahupitz / Vanya
Eve Arden … Jane Wilson
Sig Ruman … Emil Von Hofer (as Sig Rumann)
Natasha Lytess … Olga Milanava
Vladimir Sokoloff … Michael Bastakoff

Runtime: 90 min.

McKinley B. “Mac” Thompson, American reporter in Moscow, smuggles out uncensored news under the alias “Comrade X,” but hotel valet Vanya discovers his secret. Vanya fears for the safety of his daughter Golubka (“Theodore”) and blackmails Mac into helping her leave the country. Mac is happier about his task once he meets lovely Theodore, but can he convince her of his sincerity? The anti-communist humor becomes alternately grim and farcical. Enjoy!


Note: On the fourth video clip, a blue box appears, covering part of the screen for ~ 3 minutes. Sorry I can’t do anything about that. Enjoy!

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  1. Diane says:

    Thank you for all the good work but please could you upload the 5th video clip?

    Looking forward to watching it ;-)

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  2. bethany says:

    Well….I have to thank this film as this was the film that made me find this wonderful site and I will be forever thankful!!!

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  3. Ellen says:

    Thank You! I have been looking for this for ages, I can’t wait to watch. You have such great taste in movies.

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