Show Boat 1936

Irene Dunne … Magnolia Hawks
Alan Jones … Gaylord Ravenal
Charles Winninger … Cap’n Andy Hawks
Paul Robeson … Joe
Helen Morgan … Julie LaVerne

Helen Westley … Parthy Hawks
Queeny Smith … Ellie May Chipley
Sammy White … Frank Schultz
Donald Cook … Steve
Hattie McDaniel … Queenie
Francis X. Mahoney … Rubber Face
Marilyn Knowlden … Kim as a Child
Sunnie O’Dea … Kim – at Sixteen
Arthur Hohl … Pete

Runtime: 110 min.

Adaptation of the Broadway musical. Featuring the ORIGINAL Broadway cast! Magnolia Hawks is the lovely but protected, and thus very naive, daughter of Cap’n Andy Hawks, the genial proprietor of a show boat that cruises the Missisippi, and his nagging wife, Parthy. She is best friends with the show boat’s star, Julie LaVerne, but Julie and her husband Steve are forced to leave when it is revealed that Julie has “Negro” blood in her, thereby breaking the state law by being married to the white Steve. Magnolia replaces Julie as the show boat’s female star, and the show’s new male star is the suave gambler Gaylord Ravenal. “Nola” and Gaylord fall in love and marry against Parthy’s wishes. They and their young daughter lead the high life when Gaylord is lucky in gambling, but live like dirt when he’s unlucky. During one such unlucky streak, a broken Gaylord leaves Nola, and she is forced to start over by returning to the stage…


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  1. bethany says:

    It’s always a lovely site to see Hattie McDaniel singing!!! She and Paul Robeson steal the show!!!

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