Suzy 1936

Jean Harlow … Suzy
Franchot Tone … Terry
Cary Grant … Andre
Lewis Stone … Baron
Benita Hume … Madame Eyrelle
Reginald Mason … Captain Barsanges
Inez Courtney … Maisie
Greta Meyer … Mrs. Schmidt
David Clyde … ‘Knobby’
Christian Rub … ‘Pop’ Gaspard
George Spelvin … Gaston
Una O’Connor … Landlady
Theodore von Eltz … Revue Producer
Dennis Morgan … Officer (as Stanley Morner)

Runtime: 93 min.

American showgirl Suzy is in London in 1914. She loves Irish inventor Terry who works for an engineering firm owned by a German woman. After their marriage Terry is murdered and Suzy flees to Paris where she meets flyer Andre as war is breaking out. Enjoy!

IMDb 6.3

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  1. cheryl says:

    Thanks for uploading this! i love Harlow.

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  2. bethany says:

    Loved every single minute of it!!! I love Harlow and the very handsome Cary Grant!!! Its an awful shame that they couldn’t make more films together, but no-one could prevent the tragic death of the hollywood legend.

    Thanks David!!!


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    • David says:

      You’re welcome! The beginning part of the film with Franchot Tone and Harlow was wonderful, imo. Makes me want to check out The Girl from Missouri. :)


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      • bethany says:

        Totally I’ve been watching the trailer for that and it looked good!!!

        My I am overloading you with enquiries, aren’t I David!

        Thank you

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