Weekly Poll: Favorite Film Decade

I thought I’d revive our past weekly poll that we had early last year for all of you. If you have any suggestions for polls, let me know (I have a feeling I can only think of so many!) Anyway, I thought this week we’d start off with your favorite Classic Hollywood decade – 30s – 50s of wonderful films, directors, actors, and fashion.

Weekly polls will always last from Monday – Monday or so. :-)


Much luck and looking forward to hearing all of your opinions!

Favorite Classic Film Decade?

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  1. Sam Fragoso says:

    Casablanca — His Girl Friday … that’s all you need to choose the 40s.

    Lovely site you have here.

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  2. Moon says:

    I just can’t choose between 40′s and 50′s….

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  3. Dan says:

    So, so hard!

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