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Good Evening Everyone!

Yes, it’s the big day. The evening all of you anticipating bloggers and writers have been waiting for since well…last week. :)

Let me start off by saying how absolutely thrilled I am – not only by the response to this contest, but also the jaw-dropping quality of these entries. All of you writers gave it your best bet – and if it wasn’t your best – it was more than your best. I read each and everyone of these entries, and can safely say we still have quite a talent out there! It isn’t an easy thing to do – it takes a certain amount of courage to let other’s judge your articles – and you folks had it! We truly appreciate everyone’s effort in this contest, and certainly hope to see you again next year!

Secondly, a very special thanks to our judges who worked behind the scenes – carefully judging each entry. Obviously not everyone can win, but the judges did their very best to promote articles based on a strict criteria. Most notably, the following:

  1. Vivid Language - use of vivid language and transitional words to help bring the paper to life and capture the reader.
  2. Grammar
  3. Spelling
  4. Point Structure - main points are clearly identifiable and logically ordered.
  5. Original Thinking - Article reflects serious, original thinking by the author.
  6. Depth - Article explores and discusses topic with extra-ordinary depth and analytical thinking, rather than just another ordinary paper. It leaves the reader thinking about the article.
  7. Knowledge of Classic Hollywood - Article reflects strong knowledge of the Golden Era of Hollywood, connecting the topic to other (classic Hollywood) events. All Facts and Statistics are correct, and properly identified.
  8. Well-Rounded - Overall, the article captures the reader’s attention as a solid, well-rounded piece of work.

Every article received a score of 0 – 50 from each of the 3 judges. The final score was the average. All the entries will receive a special email in the next week, with your score, percentage compared to the other entries, and judge feedback.

In regard to the judging, some of the top articles had literally half-point separations, meaning that these articles were so very close to the top. Congratulations to all! So, on to the results -


Honorable Mention

Our 3rd. place, Honorable Mention of the 2012 Writing Contest goes to good friend and affiliate, Natalie from the In the Mood blog! (Great Recasting Blogathon anyone?) Congratulations!

The following Honorable Mention is presented to Natalie from the In the Mood blog for her engaging composition skills, article depth, and firm knowledge of the Classic Hollywood Era as represented in her article, “Barbara Stanwyck – the Great Lady”. Congradulations for this outstanding achievement in the 2012 Annual Classic Hollywood Writing Contest.

A Judge’s Comments:

“Excellent review on the character Hannah Hoyt and Barabara Stanwyck’s acting delivery throughout the film. Makes one want to see this film and digest the character and performance.”


Again, many congratulations, Natalie!

*View Barabara Stanwyck – the Great Lady


Runner Up

Our second place, Runner-Up in the 2012 Annual Writing Contest goes to Marcela from the Best of the Past blog! Special note here – her articles called “Hitch”, “Betty – The Life of a Star”, and “Whiskey, repellent, and sunshine: The African Queen” also take 4th, 5th and 6th place respectively. Congratulations!

Presented to Marcela from the Best of the Past blog for her worthy composition skills, original concepts, article depth, and sound knowledge of the Classic Hollywood Era as represented in her article, “Katharine Hepburn and the Rise of Feminism”. Congradulations not only as the Runner-Up in the Annual Classic Hollywood Writing Contest, but also for 4th, 5th, and 6th places with the beautiful poem “Hitch”, biography on Lauren Bacall, and a film review on the African Queen. Many Congradulations!

A Judge’s Comment:

“I love your article. It’s a joy to read it and I was impressed by your knowledge. Besides, you have a great style of writing and the last sentences made me even tear up. In my opinion, she was a great woman and you captured her beautifully.”

*View Katharine Hepburn & the Rise of Feminism


 The 2012 Classic Hollywood Writing Award

And finally our highest award, winner of the 2012 Annual Classic Hollywood Writing Contest goes to none other than Meredith from the Lalaland History Blog!

We proudly present the following award to Meredith from the LaLaland History
blog for her outstanding composition skills, unique concepts and engaging analysis,
keen observation, depth, and superior knowledge of the Classic Hollywood Era as
represented in her article, “The Lady is a Tramp.” Many Congradulations for winning
the FilmClassics’ 2012 Annual Classic Hollywood Writing Contest!

A Judge’s Comment:

“Brilliant piece of analytic depth on the character Sadie Thompson and the film versions she was portrayed in. The article was literally alive and vibrant – everything was described in such a great visual sense that it was as engaging as any piece of literally work in film blogs today. Wonderful!”

*View The Lady is a Tramp





Winners will receive prize information through email on Sunday. Congratulations and a hearty thank you for participating!


Additional Entries

There are some seriously well-written articles here on very interesting and creative topics. You folks out did yourselves! Many, many thanks for participating – there’s always next year to take home the award!

Top 10 Articles:

  1. The Lady is a Tramp - LalaLandHistory
  2. Katharine Hepburn & The Rise of Feminism - Best of the Past
  3. The Great Lady - In the Mood
  4. Hitch - Best of the Past
  5. Betty – the Life of a Star - Best of the Past
  6. Whiskey, Repellants, and Sunshine: The African Queen - Best of the Past
  7. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime - Let’s Misbehave: Precode Film Tribute
  8. Being a Classic Film Fan is Kind of a Bummer - What Happened 2 Hollywood
  9. Desk Set 1957 - The Great Katharine Hepburn
  10. Bogart Poem - Dusty on Movies

The following additional entries are listed alphabetically:

  1. A Life Time of Pain - A Trip Down Memory Lane
  2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Review - Cortney C. 
  3. Citizen Kane 1941 - A Potpourri of Vestiges
  4. Counsellor at Law - Shadows and Satin
  5. Errol Flynn’s Lady Friend- Another Old Movie Blog*
  6. Evelyn Prentice - The Billing
  7. Fancy French Words - Reel Snob
  8. Fashionable Feminism in Screwball Comedy - Jill O.
  9. Feminist Star Personas of Classic Hollywood - The Great Katharine Hepburn blog
  10. Hello Dolly and the Death of the Movie Musical - A Trip Down Memory Lane
  11. Heiress Review - Journey in Classic Films
  12. Laura - Reel Snob
  13. No Down Payment – Another Old Movie Blog*
  14. Only Ingrid - Reanne
  15. Singin’ in the Rain - TheIntern
  16. The Censoring of Holiday Inn - A Trip Down Memory Lane
  17. The Harvey Girls Review - Secluded Charm

Again, I want thank each and every one of you who participated in this event. The following are all the blogs and individuals who participated in the 2012 Writing Contest! Many thanks, and sincerely do hope to see you all again for this contest next year!

  1. Another Old Movie Blog*
  2. A Potpourri of Vestiges
  3. A Trip Down Memory Lane
  4. Best of the Past
  5. Courtney C.
  6. Dusty on Movies
  7. In the Mood
  8. Jill O.
  9. Journey in Classic Films
  10. LalalandHistory
  11. Let’s Misbehave: A Tribute to PreCode Hollywood
  12. Reanne
  13. Reel Snob
  14. Secluded Charm
  15. Shadows and Satin
  16. The Billing
  17. The Great Katharine Hepburn
  18. TheIntern
  19. What Happened 2 Hollywood

In conclusion – as mentioned, all participants will receive a special email with your individual results. Within a week we will also be having an event where you can critique this contest – your opinion and your thoughts on any changes that could be made to improve it! Stay in touch! 

P.S. I highly recommend everyone check these blogs above – great content, great folks!


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  1. Dusty says:

    I appreciate being mentioned at all. However, I thought that there would be a 3 tier judging system for each individual category. So I thought my poem was only competing against other poems. I looked back at the original post and I’ll admit that it doesn’t say that anywhere, but it could have been a little more clear.

    I’ll be back next time though and I’ll enter more categories.

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    • David says:

      Hello Dusty!

      Ah, you know that’s something to consider for next year! Although, it would still depend on the amount of entries in a category – they may still have to overlap if there are insufficient entries in a certain category, but I’ll certainly put that down as a possibility for next year’s contest ;)

      Loved the poem!


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  2. Livingstone says:

    Congratulations Meredith!

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  3. reanne says:

    Wow! Awesome to see all the results! Great Job to everyone!!!!

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  4. Marcela says:

    Thank you so much, judges and film-classics members! This is so much better than I expected! I’m thrilled!

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