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Why is there a password?

Sincerely apologize – More about that here>

How do I get the password?

Currently there are three ways to obtain the password. 

  1. Send us an email requesting it, and we’ll search our comment database to see if your email/name appears. If so, great! We’ll let you know right away! 
  2. Additionally, if you own a classic twitter, tumblr, or youtube channel, let us know through those mediums and we’ll gladly give you the password!
  3. Register on the site and create 35 posts (used to be 100) on the forum. This will open up a hidden area called “Info>Password” in “The Site” category of the forum that reveals the password.

What is the scheduler?

The scheduler is for those of you who don’t find the above to your taste ;) You can schedule a film/episode to appear un-passworded for you on a day of your choosing. They stay un-passworded for 48 hours. If you schedule a film, it will appear under Films>Two Nights Only. Episodes appear under I Love Lucy>Two Nights Only.

Again, my apologies for this inconvenience. Please feel free to message us with any questions/suggestions!

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  1. kathy says:

    I am so excited!! :) love I LOVE LUCY! I seriously cannot live without this show!

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  2. Bailey says:

    A Note: Please only schedule movies/episodes that are currently up and working. If you aren’t sure, you can double check under the lists of available movies/episodes under the Films tab or the I Love Lucy tab.

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