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User Agreement

This Site, Group(s) and Forum Board is designed to be a place where classic film fans can gather into a community and hold discussion on various subjects (Primarily Classic Hollywood) in a family, friendly, and non-aggressive environment. We want every person to have an enjoyable experience and these Rules have been written in accordance with this goal. In order that everyone may receive the maximum benefits from their participation these Rules must be obeyed at all times. By voluntarily registering and participating in these forums you agree to follow the Board Rules, Terms of Service, and the User Agreement.
Film-Classics, FilmClassics, and all refer to the same site,



Opinions – We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the content of any message/post. The posts express the views of the author, not necessarily the views of the Board or any entity associated with the Board.

Objectionable Material – Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately. Either click the “report” button next to the objectionable post, or send a private message to a moderator/admin of the forum with a link to the post/thread in question. We have the ability to remove objectionable posts and we will make every effort to do so if we determine that a removal is needed. This is a manual process however and will take time.

Responsibility – Although this Board is not able to review all posts as they are uploaded we reserve the right to delete any Post and/or disable any users account for any reason and without posted explanation, although we will generally provide a detailed explanation. You remain solely responsible for the content of your Posts and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless and their agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your Post.

Privacy Statement – Film-Classics agrees not to reveal any personal information stored within its databases to 3rd party sources without your permission. You agree not to hold Film-Classics responsible in the case the security of the site is compromised.

E-MAILS -You agree that this site can send you e-mails in the case of site-wide announcements. You further agree to be subscribed to the Weekly Newsletter when you register. You can opt out at any time however, at the bottom of the email.

Copyright Notice – All content posted on the message boards of Film-Classics is the exclusive intellectual property of Film-Classics. Copyright ownership of that content resides with Film-Classics and Film-Classics is free to use any of the content as they wish. Anyone other than Film-Classics seeking to reprint, republish, or reproduce content posted on the Film-Classics site for commercial purposes must receive the express permission from Film-Classics. By posting on the Film-Classics message boards you are agreeing to the above and relinquishing all copyright to Film-Classics.

Account Security – You are responsible for the security of your account. Any post from your account will be attributable to the account holder. It is the account holder’s responsibility to keep the account secure. It is no defense to say that a sister, brother, friend, etc. posted any offending post. Keep your password secret.


Board Rules:
Film-Classics’ 9 Commandments

Rule Summary:

1. Don’t Mess with the forum
2. Talk to staff by PM
3. Respect, not Harassment
4. No Trolling
5. Post On Topic with Descriptive Titles
6. No Spamming
7. Drama Free & Friendly Environment
8. No Illegal stuff
9. No Political or Religious Debates

Film-Classics’ 9 Commandments

1. Don’t Mess with the forum:

You agree not to create offensive usernames as determined by Film-Classics staff. You will not register more than one Member account without prior approval of an Administrator. You will not impersonate Film-Classics staff or any other user. You will not attempt to or aid others to bypass Site security measures. These measures include, but are not limited to: reregistering new user names to bypass bans, starting a new thread to bypass thread closures, hacking into any part of the Site, Posting messages for Banned members, bypassing moderator’s decisions about content, attempts to obtain privileges only available to Film-Classics staff or beta members.

2. Talk to staff by PM:

You agree not to argue with, comment on or question the actions/authority/ or comments of the Film-Classics staff (Administrators, Moderators, etc.) in a public forum. Should you wish to do so you are directed to contact the Film-Classics staff via PM (the private messaging system – see “How to Contact Staff” below). Please also see related rule #7.

3. Respect, not Harassment:

You agree to respect and refrain from harassing and/or personally attacking other users or Film-Classics staff. You will respect the rights of other users to have their own opinions. You will not use expressions that are considered foul, vulgar, sexually harassing, racially offensive or in any way discriminatory. These expressions include, but are not limited to, Sexist language, ethnic slurs, hate speech, strong vulgarity, and religious epithets. Whether an expression fits under this definition will be determined by Film-Classics staff at the time. Limited language is allowed, such as “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

4. No Trolling:

You will not make posts that are inflammatory with the perceived intent to rile people up (i.e. “trolling” and “flaming” are prohibited).

5. Post on Topic with Descriptive Titles:

You agree to only post messages that are within the particular forum’s scope or topic. You will not hijack threads for your own purpose but, rather, will begin a new thread with the new subject. You will use descriptive subject titles, without excessive use of caps, when posting new threads. For instance, do not title a new post “I Need Help” – rather, title it descriptively such as “Avatar Does Not Appear in Profile”. Posts without descriptive titles will be edited, and the title changed.

6. No Spamming: You will not flood or post on the forums redundant, empty, or nonsensical posts or advertisements as determined by Film-Classics staff (i.e. no “spamming”). Chain letters, pyramid schemes and solicitations of any kind are not allowed on this Site.

7. Drama Free & Friendly Environment:

You agree to keep the environment family-friendly and highly positive at all times. Please refrain from discussing deep personal issues in regards to yourself, or any issues you may have with (a) particular member(s). Any topic or post started in complaint of a member’s behavior, without prior admin approval, will be removed, and a warning given. Please contact a board admin to resolve any issue you may have in regards to the site or its members, and we will look into the matter. Please see related rule #2.

8. No Illegal stuff: You will not start or participate in any debates or discussions that discuss or promote illegal drugs, pornography, crime, or any objectionable material as defined by the Film-Classics’ staff. You will not make posts of illegal nature or posts that detail ways to perform acts of an illegal nature.

9. No Political or Religious Debates: 

You agree not to hold debates or heated discussions – especially in regard to political and/or religious matters. Everyone has different opinions – respect those opinions. There are many places to hold debates – not here though.

Violations and Penalties

If, for any reason, you are in violation of any of the rules of the Board, Terms of Service, or the User Agreement then your privileges to post to this Forum, and/or access to this site and its features will be reviewed by a Film-Classics Moderator/Administrator. The penalties range from a friendly warning or an Infraction, a ban from a particular thread, subject, or forum, a timed ban from the Forum (for a specified time), a total posting ban (you may still read the forums) or in extreme cases a total IP ban (you will not be able to access the site).

Film-Classics’ forum staff (Moderators and Administrators) have the final say over what constitutes a violation of the User Agreement and the Board Rules. In addition we reserve the right to terminate your account without warning(s) and move/delete/close posts/threads without further explanation, although generally we will give a detailed explanation, especially if so requested.

If your offence requires a temporary or permanent Ban, a notice will be sent by an Administrator (as these are the only Staff able to authorize this level of penalty) to your registered e-mail address. It is your responsibility to ensure that your e-mail address is a valid one and able to receive such e-mails. If for any reason an e-mail to your account is bounced back then your account will be banned until you contact us – we will not attempt to re-contact you!

This is a classic Hollywood Forum and was never intended to facilitate the needs of everyone who wants to talk about anything at any time. It is not intended to be community television or a public park. The Forum is privately owned and operated. Moderators and Administrators are used to keep the content in-line with the vision and purpose of the Film-Classics community as a whole.

Contacting Staff:

All staff actions taken by the Forum Staff should be considered a settled matter. These actions include, but are not limited to: delete/close/move thread/post, banning, warnings and Infractions. Public posts written against administrative/Moderator actions are against the rules and will be deleted and penalties liable by the user. Users that wish to contest these actions with a good explanation should first PM a Moderator or Administrator. If the situation cannot be resolved to mutual satisfaction, then you can escalate the matter by sending an e-mail to: A decision given from there is final and not subject to debate.

The User Agreement and the Forum Rules are subject to change without notice.

Groups on the FilmClassics site fall under this agreement, with the following additions:

  1. Groups must be on a topic related to Classic Hollywood
  2. Group must be named with proper English capitalization and grammar


Copyright notice

All content posted on the message boards of Film-Classics is the exclusive intellectual property of Film-classics. Copyright ownership of that content resides with Film-Classics and Film-Classics is free to use any of the content as they wish. Anyone other than Film-Classics seeking to reprint, republish, or reproduce content posted on the Film-Classics message boards for a commercial purpose must first receive the express permission from Film-classics. By posting on the Film-classics message boards you are agreeing to the above and relinquishing all copyright to the contents of the post(s) to Film-classics.

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