Jack Benny–04-17-1949–Easter Parade

The Jack Benny Show from April 17, 1949.
Episode 691.
Episode title: “Easter Parade”

Starring: Jack Benny, Mary Livingston, Phil Harris, Dennis Day, Eddie Rochester Anderson, Don Wilson, and Sheldon Leonard (he’s in his usual character of the racetrack enthusiast who offers racing tips and starts all his conversations with “Hey, bud. Come ‘ere a minute.”)

This is not a parody of the 1948 movie. Rochester reads Jack’s diary. Jack and Mary go for an Easter stroll (while singing “Happy Easter”) and meet all the cast members, as well as some other people.
Dennis sings “Easter Parade” from Easter Parade 1948.
This is a wonderful show! Listen and enjoy! :)

Note: At this point, Jack Benny immediately preceded the “Amos and Andy Show.”

Runtime: 27 minutes

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Family Theater 04-17-57 The Passion and Death of Christ

The Family Theatre from April 17, 1957.
“The Passion and Death of Christ.”

Robert Young introduces
Dan O’Herlihy, narrator

Whle many of the recently posted radio shows have been comedies, this radio show is about the single most important topic in the history of the world–the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Taken from The Gospel According to Matthew, this show definitely deserves a hearing. Enjoy!

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“You Belong to Me” (1941): Reviewed

(It’s high time a post a review on here.  Shame on me!)

A sick day home from school today resulted in Wicked, and, in search of something just as I awesome, I then decided to watch You Belong to Me.  This marks my fifteenth Barbara Stanwyck film and the official addition of Henry Fonda to my Favorite Actors list.  Directed by Wesley Ruggles and released in 1941, this romantic comedy marked the third and final installment of Stanwyck/Fonda movie pairings.  This movie includes everything a romantic comedy from the Golden Age should: lots of kissing, lots of humor, some pain, some jealousy, and a happy ending (with a nicely covered suggestive last line).

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Command Performance 12-24-1942 Christmas Eve Show

The Command Performance Show from 12-24-1942.
Episode “Christmas 1942″

Starring: Bob Hope, Elmer Davis, the Andrews Sisters, Red Skelton, Harriet Hilliard, Spike Jones & his City Slickers, the Kay Kyser Orchestra, Ginny Simms & the Bombardiers, Bing Crosby & the Charioteers, Ethel Waters, Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, Charles Laughton, Dinah Shore, Jack Benny, and Fred Allen.

The highlights of this show include Spike Jones and his City Slickers with their wonderful rendition of “Jingle Bells”; Jack Benny and Fred Allen singing the song “Friendship” as a duet; the Andrews Sisters singing “The Pennsylvania Polka”; Bob Hope’s opening (and hilarious) monologue; Red Skelton and Harriet Hilliard as Junior and his mother; Dinah Shore’s singing; Bob and Bing’s sparring; Bing singing; Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, and Charles Laughton’s act; Kay Kyser and his gang with “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition”; Bob’s closing (and serious) monologue; the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner”; and the rousing closing music. Please listen and enjoy! :)

Merry Christmas to all! :D

Runtime: 60 minutes.

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Suspense–12-21-1953–’Twas the Night Before Christmas

Suspense from December 21, 1953
Episode title: “Twas the Night Before Christmas”
Starring: Greer Garson as “Miss Buffy”

Also starring: Anne Whitfield as “Cathy”, Harry Bartell, Irene Tedrow, Mary Lansing, Charles Calvert, Howard McNear, Herb Butterfield, Johnny McGovern, Sidney Miller, Joseph “Joe” Kearns, and John Ramsey Hill

This show is directed by Elliot Lewis, with music composed by Lucien Moraweck and conducted by Lud Gluskin. Roger Wagner leads the chorus. This episode was written by Morton Fine and David Friedkin. Harlow Wilcox does the announcing.

Runtime: 29 minutes

This is a wonderful, gripping, and moving show. I especially like the choir at the end. I won’t spoil it by giving anything else away, so please listen and enjoy! :)

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The Saint–12-24-1950–Christmas Jewels (Santa Claus Is No Saint)

The Saint from December 24, 1950

Episode Title: “Christmas Jewels” AKA “Santa Claus Is No Saint”

Starring: Vincent Price as Simon Templar, alias the Saint.

Also starring: Louie

Runtime: 28 minutes.

This show is wonderful and funnier than many episodes of this show. Listen especially to the dialog in the first seven or eight minutes. Enjoy!

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Sullivan’s Travels 1941

Adventure | Comedy | Drama

Directed By: Preston Sturges

Joel McCrea … John Lloyd Sullivan
Veronica Lake … The Girl
Robert Warwick … Mr. LeBrand
William Demarest … Mr. Jones
Franklin Pangborn … Mr. Casalsis
Porter Hall … Mr. Hadrian
Byron Foulger … Johnny Valdelle
Margaret Hayes … Secretary
Robert Greig … Burroughs – Sullivan’s Butler
Eric Blore … Sullivan’s Valet
Torben Meyer … The Doctor
Victor Potel … Cameraman

Runtime: 90 min.

Sullivan is a successful, spoiled, and naive director of fluff films, with a heart-o-gold, who decides he wants to make a film about the troubles of the downtrodden poor. Much to the chagrin of his producers, he sets off in tramp’s clothing with a single dime in his pocket to experience poverty first-hand, and gets some reality shock. Enjoy!

IMDb – 8.2

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Screen Guild Theater-November 3, 1940-The Great Man Votes

The Gulf Screen Guild Theater presents “The Great Man Votes” from 11-3-1940
Episode 59
Starring: John Barrymore, Virginia Weidler, and Thomas Mitchell!
Sponsored by the Gulf Oil Co.
Hosted and directed by Roger Pryor
Adapted for radio by Norman Corwin
Oscar Bradley’s Gulf Orchestra

This is an absolutely wonderful episode of The Screen Guild Theater. Virginia Weidler narrates the story of her father (Gregory Vance) and Iron Hat McCarthy. John Barrymore is absolutely wonderful as Gregory Vance–ex-Harvard professor, ex-night watchman, a father who wants nothing more than for his daughter to be proud of him, and patriotic citizen.

This show carries a wonderful-and important-message that everyone should listen to–especially voters. This message is couched in lessons from Vance to his daughter, and a speech (by Vance) to his fellow citizens.
“Joan, the casting of a vote is the casting of a belief. That’s why this country’s good. Iron Hat McCarthy represents the crooked and sinister political machine. I just can’t sell out. The Vance’s may equivocate with their dreams, but never with their ideals.”
“Ladies and gentleman. I came, I saw, I conquered.” “That’s Caesar.” “No, Joan, that…that is Gregory Vance–the scrubbiest Roman of them all. Gregory Vance, magnified briefly, by a kindly destiny, in a kindly land where greatness is within a man; and where any man who calls himself great, is only looking at his shadow, while standing on the shoulders of those who have lifted him up. Side by side we walk today, the big and the little, and those we sometimes call the down and out, to cast our votes. A voter, by the name of Mr. John Greenleaf Whittier, once spoke of that. ‘The proudest now is but my peer,/The highest not more high;/Today, of all the weary year,/a king of men am I./Today alike are great and small,/the nameless and the known./My palace is the people’s hall,/the ballot box, my throne.’ Today…today I am a political lion–lionized by the city, the press, the mayor, and the estimable Mr. McCarthy. Lionized because on a certain tradition regarding the 13th precinct. Tomorrow, I will be quite forgotten–a bit of shadow glory, who, like the rest of you, left their mark only in the ballot box. But today, my fellow voters, let us take all advantage of our moment to express our sincere and honest opinions. And together we may carry this fair city forward to a newer, and greater destiny.”

I personally think that, in many ways, this is a show in the tradition of “Mr Smith Goes to Washington.”

This show is hilarious, touching, endearing, serious, and wonderful! Please listen and enjoy!

Runtime: 30 minutes

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